Storage space for homes and companies

Are you in need of more storage space? If there’s not enough space for your personal property, you can rent a short-term or a long-term storage. Contact us and let’s define your needs for storage.

Our rentable garages are located in Herttoniemi, Helsinki, next to our office.

We don’t enforce a minimum time for storage. You may apply for a storage for just one day or even several years.

All of our storage spaces are clean and dry, and they are suitable for temporary storage of household items or company property. You can make your work easier by ordering our moving service to move your property to our storage.

Short-term storage

If you are in need of temporary storage space for your property at home or at your company, they can be stored in a warm and guarded rentable storage, where your equipment will stay in good shape during the storage. You may apply for a storage for any time frame. Our storage can be utilised for example in temporary transport storage, during house renovation or when moving from one apartment to another.

Long-term storage

Don´t you have a storage space for winter equipment and seasonal products? Is your company out of storage space for all of the equipment? Long-term storage is an easy solution for storage for longer periods of time. Your equipment will stay in prime condition in a heated and dry storage even for a longer period of time.