Remember the following things before moving

A well prepared removal is already half done. Preparing properly will make our work much easier and more efficient, and therefore also cut our customers’ costs. Bad preparation usually prolongs the duration of the removal and thus leads to unnecessary extra costs.

You should also keep in mind that the packaging of the movable items is the customer’s responsibility apart from exceptions that are agreed beforehand. You can make yourself a big favor by packing your items properly!

When you are packing smaller items you should use moving boxes since they make the removal much more efficient.

You should follow the list below to make the removal fast and efficient, and Simultaneously you will ensure that your items will be transported safely to the new location.

Moving instructions:

  • The best way to pack clothing, linen and other soft items is to put them in large plastic bags.
  • All sensitive surfaces and easily breaking items should be covered (for example with bubble wrap or crinkled cardboard).
  • Mirrors, paintings, tv’s and other electronics should be carefully covered.
  • Furniture should be covered with bubble wrap or crinkled cardboard.
  • Other movables are best transported in appropriate plastic moving boxes that can be easily piled.
  • Beds and sofas become easily dirty. Therefore you should protect them with stretch film.
  • Drawers and cupboards should be emptied. You should tape the doors shut or close them with a key.
  • Plants should be covered with a plastic bag or some cloth.
  • Washing machines and other home appliances should be severed from their connectors and the wires should be taped to the body.
  • You should reserve some space for the moving truck nearby to the entry to your house (for example with barriers, ask your janitor for help!)
  • Hockey sticks, ski’s, etc. can be easily taped together.
  • Book shelf’s and other difficultly transportable objects should be dissembled before the removers arrive.
  • Roll the carpet’s and tie them with a string or tape them. It is also suggested to cover them with a large plastic bag.