Movers checklist

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when moving from one apartment to another. You should keep the following in mind.

Notification of change of address
You should do your notification of change of address at latest withing a week from moving. You can do it also as early as one month before the move. Please keep in mind that the notification of change of address made to the magistrate does not redirect your post to the new address. The post office must be notified separately. You can do it here:

Redirect your post
Redirect your post to the new address and notify the companies that send you invoices. Many large companies update their billing addresses automatically through the population information system but many smaller companies don’t do that.

Home insurance
Even though insurance companies usually get the address of the new apartment automatically it is recommended that you notify your home insurance. Simultaneously you can update your apartments size and the value of your personal property.

Internet connection
You should notify about the change in internet connection address early since in some cases it can take a while to transfer it.

Electricity contract
You should sign a new electricity contract and lay off the old one.

Check your old apartment
Check your old apartment thoroughly for any problems and remember to notify the property manager about them. Remember to check your storage facilities.

If you are ordering magazines remember change the recipient address.

Basement, garage or an attic?
If your apartment includes any of these you should remember to clean them up as well.

If you are entitled to KELA’s housing and/or student benefits remember to acquire all the necessary documents in advance. You can also send your application before you have all the documents and provide them afterwards. This way you can avoid long waiting periods.