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Cleaning after removals

Order our removals cleaning services to the new or to the old apartment so that you can focus on the essential – the packing and unpacking of the movable items. Don’t forget that cleaning services are tax reducible. You can read more about the option of tax reduction from the bottom of this page and in the tax office’s website.

Removals cleaning service includes

  • Moist wiping of the floor

  • Vacuuming of the floor

  • Cleaning and wiping of the closets and drawers

  • Cleaning of the stove from the inside and from the outside, and the cleaning of it’s background

  • Cleaning of the table areas

  • Taking out the trash

  • Cleaning of the stains from the walls and the doors

  • Toilet cleaning

  • Cleaning of the kitchen closets

Household employers -45%

You can reduce the costs in your own taxation! Suomen Opiskelijamuutot is registered to the Annual Information Returns register. Therefore, our cleaning services entitle our customers to a household employer tax reduction that complies to the concerned legal terms.

Our customers can reduce 45% from the amount of the compensation they have paid for the household work since it is VAT applicable. For example, if the cleaning services cost 100€ (VAT 23%) is the tax reduction 45€. Therefore, our customer’s net cost for the cleaning service is 55€. The maximum amount for the tax reduction is 4000€ yearly.

You can read more about this in the tax offices web page.

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