Career stories

Iiro Niemi

Moving boxes deliverer

I deliver the moving boxes aside of my studies as an evening job. I also enjoy playing ice hockey and it is a large part of my life. Working in Suomen Opiskelijamuutot has been a great choice since it has allowed me to combine work and studies, and I even have free time during the weekends!

Jukka Hellgren


One and a half year ago I took a break from my studies and started working in Suomen Opiskelijamuutot. I have enjoyed my work here and what I find the best is the great group of people I work with! This fall I decided to start an apprentice contract in logistics which I can do Simultaneously with my work.

Lauri Kyllönen

Moving truck driver

I have driven moving trucks for three years. I started working in Suomen Opiskelijamuutot after my military service. I like the diversity and challenge that my work offers since no day is like the other. The best part in my work is my coworkers who are always so fun to be around with!